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Representative logo for Hmolpedia beta, a place where under-construction ideas and theories can take root, as listed in some of the sub-pages of this site. The JHT beta logo, affixed to all new beta-stage JHT articles, used to indicate that the article is new and in the open improvement, discussion, peer-review, suggestion, and critique stage.
The JHT | Hmolpedia beta wiki is a proving ground for:

(a) JHT articlesExternal link icon (c)in the open review processExternal link icon (c).
(b) HmolpediaExternal link icon (c)sandbox or green articles, ideas, theories, proposals and or discussions that are generally new or do not have established citations and thus cannot necessarily be made into an established encyclopedia article. Users here are free to post up and start random articles here, ones that would normally be rejected or not allowed at Hmolpedia according to the established editing rules.

If you are a "green theorist" (a greenhorn) and have new, original, unreferenced, philosophical, metaphysical, new age, religious, or sandbox ideas or theories to develop (somehow connected to thermodynamics), then your are at the right place: the beta site is a sister site to Hmolpedia, where such green works can take root and be discussed openly.

Sorry for the irritating ads, but cost to remove them is $19.95/month, which is out of the all-ready over-extended budget of Libb Thims, JHT founder. Possibly, however, a future date will allow for this upgrade.

JHT beta
The Hmolpedia beta wiki is the host for the newly launched JHT beta-stage review, improvement, and archive process. Please join in with commentary and constructive feedback in the threads below each beta article, each as listed in the dropdown menu of the JHT beta header, as found in the site menu (above left).

Feel free to sign in with an account (Hmolpedia members will have to start a new account here, as the beta site is a different wiki system). Although posts and articles here will have less visibility than at Hmolpedia (50,000+ page views per month), they will nevertheless be visible on the web and may result in growth of knowledge, or creation of new ideas, in some way or another.

As this is a beta site for new ideas, articles, or theories, feel free to comment openly in the threads to give new green authors feedback.

One of the prime reasons this site was created is that several Hmolpedia members, at one time or another, have started religion-soaked article, extolling on some one or more of various types of modern science mixed with new age god theories. These types of excursions are welcome here.